Ajekun iya. A case for Senator Dino Melaye

By OMA | 30-04-2018 | Politics |  

Ajekun iya coroner time line. How it all started


STILL ON DINO MELAYE NOW, LOOK AT THIS: Day 1: Senator Melaye calls serial muderers into his car and arms them with guns and some huge amount of money Day 2: The armed gang overruns a community and gun down innocent citizens Day 3: Herdsmen kill scores in Kogi - News Day 3: Melaye is recognised by Senate President Saraki on the hallowed chambers and the Kogi West senator screams with crocodile tears, "APC has failed Nigerians, they should vote us out!" Day 4: Wailers hail Dino for not being blind and praises him for his boldness. Day 5: Dino's armed gang is arrested Day 6: The armed gang escapes from detention Day 7: Dino spits fire; asks police to get the gang Day 8: IGP replaces Kogi CP Day 9: The boys are rearrested; implicate Dino in confessional statements Day 10: Police writes Saraki, demands his colleague's release for interrogation Day 11: Saraki ignores Dino's police invitation Day 12: Dino plans to bolt out of the country to Morocco for a potential government blackmail, lands at the airport but was stopped by Immigration officials; passport seized. Day 13: Dino, unable to fly abroad, bolts to his house which was then cordoned by the police, since Saraki couldn't come to his aide, he finally reports himself to the police then driven to Lokoja but on their way, Dino's brothers in connivance with some other thugs ambush the SARS convoy. In the process, Dino escapes arrest and fled into the bush but was apprehended and then handcuffed. Detected unconscious, Dino was rushed to a nearby hospital. Still detained. Day 14: iNEC in lokoja begins a recall process of Dino. Recall process fails woefully. Dino thanks his fans, family and followers.

To be continued.