Ahead 2019, Buhari, El-Rufai and Amechi, the formidable allegiance parable of a "Moving Train".

By OMA | 04-01-2018 | Politics |  

APC Positioning for victory come 2019 general elections.


Going by the picture attached to this post sourced online today and from trending reports in conventional and online social media, President Buhari had earlier today commissioned two coaches of train adding to ease rail movement between kaduna and Abuja commuters and also was on ground at the grand launching of the 1st ever inland dry port in Kaduna.

Now, this is the strategy behind this move ahead 2019 in my opinion.. President Buhari is almost sure to seek re-elections and already in the news Rotimi Amechi has been appointed DG Buhari campaign organisation for the 2019 elections. ...

Add everything coinciding with massive show offs in their achievements opening 1st ever dry port and improving on rail like the administration promised.

This suggest the team is trying to pass a subtle message of being the formidable unbreakable Moving train bound for Glory reminding me of that famous Bob Marley song, 'This train is bound for glory'.

Perherbs come 2019 elections the train APC Commissioned in Kaduna today is bound for APC's Glory come 2019.

Perherb Rotimi Amechi, Baba Buhari and El-rufai are the modern day attack trio of Messi Suarez and Neymar.. who knows?

2019 is fast approaching and things are beginning to heat up I would advice Nigerians vote based on available facts on ground rather than fictions