Africa Must Unite Against Covid 19

By OMA | 16-04-2020 | Politics |  

Vulnurable African Countries should get more than mere Debt relief.

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Africa Must be Very Careful. Africa Must resolve to Fight this Covid 19 to a stand still before the Virus ever spreads within communities.

This thing looks like a wave that started from Asia China, Ravaged Europe, Overwhelmed America, Devastated South America and possibly might be on course to wreck Africa..

North Africa is already recording terrifying figures, East Africa and South African figures are on the increase trajectory, for some good God Knows reason West Africa has least cases in all of the Sub-Saharan Africa.

Africa must Sustain the Momentum. Africa must fight the scorge. Africa must Unite and show the Stuffs we are made of. African Resilience. African Roots and Herbs, Traditional African Medicine practioners, Medical And Health Care workers most be on Read Alert.

Should the wave tour the world and save Africa for last, Africa must be on extra vigilance, Africa must be double prepared cos as it seems, the last of Covid 19 has not been heard in Africa with reports of New cases every single day and numbers still on the rise in Africa and globally..

Nigerian centre for Disease Control must revamp its strategy for a complete turn around. Mere 1,500 testing per day in a country of over 200 million Nigerians is childsplay.

NCDC Testing centres must not just be efficient and proficient in testing, they must also increase Testing volume and capacity.

Nigerian must be on their toes. Nigerians Must nip this in the bud.

Nigeria must self insulate and isolate. Nigeria, Nigerian Government and the Nigerian people must Unite to avert possibility of deaths littering the streets of Africa as forecasted by Melinda Gates.

Nigerian Government Must be weary of Trodgjan Gift..

The government needs be a lot more proactive.

Simple A, B, C measures of early detection and Possible recommendation of medication administered to those people that has been healed and recovered from the Virus should be made available to the General public.

The Basic procedures and medications administered to those that have recovered should be made public knowledge.

Vitamin C, lemon, Steam Inhalation and all the basic first aid therapy should be measures used in already educating and equiping people should in case the worst is far from over.

Self Isolation, washing your hands will no more be enough. Drive to have more people Wearing Nose mask and hand gloves should be intensified..

The Rest of the world can Learn from Africa this one time.

We Must Not let ourselves down in Africa..

Africa can come out strongest Amidst this covid 19, if properly managed, Africa can fully Emerge.

If Covid 19 is not properly managed in Africa, it could sink African collective Economy.

The Central Bank of Nigeria is thinking Reboothing the Economy.

The Economy did not gradually slide to Recession that could possibly be turned around by mere Reboothing. Wrong Economics already.

The Economy fell to massive shock of Covid 19 and possibly shutdown. You can never Rebooth an Economy that fall dead.. a Possible "Hard Restart" is the least The Economy would require.

The Farming Season should also not be allowed to slide or contract in 2nd and 3rd quater..

Hunger would drive insecurity.

The Excess Crude account at this time more than ever needs to be effectively and efficiently managed.

Instead of depleting Food and Grain reserves at this stage, it is rather too early.

Famine and Hunger and Disease can Devastate and Wreck massive Havoc on Africa.

Africa Must Avert this glaringly staring Catastrophe..

Africa Unite.