Adebayo Shittu's Parable Exposing Buhari for 2nd Term.

By OMA | 04-01-2018 | Politics |  

It gets clearer by the day President Buhari is heading for 2nd term.


Image Credit : Google picture.

Just yesterday I was watching the news on NTA and I saw where the minister oc communication Adebayo Shittu went into a closed door session with Mr President.

When the minister was done and about to take his leave he addressed the Press and in his briefing to the press he subtly through a parable he hinted at president Buhari's second term bid when asked if president Buhari would run for re-elections in 2019

Hear his response and unravel this parable yourself..

"It goes without saying, I mean if you have a child who goes to primary school and does well, proceeds to secondary school, does well, and you keep asking is he going to university? It goes without saying".

Those were the exact words of the minister.

It is now left to Nigerians to decide if the child did well in primary school or not...