Abacha did not loot Nigeria. He only Save for Rainy Days.

By OMA | 07-02-2020 | Politics |  

Looting or Savings


Abacha Gave Buhari his ATM Card and told him the pin to the ATM before he died.. just saying. ...

Anytime Buhari needs Money, he will Just Take Abacha's ATM to Abacha's Swiss Bank accounts, Make a withdraw.

Swiss Bank would send a Credit Alert to Nigerian Press in Text message.

Ping, Swiss Bank Credits Nigerian Single Treasury Account TSA 300 Million Dollars.

My brother... work hard ooo. Work till you can conviniently feed a whole Nation From your Grave.

Dont Let that small coins in your pocket deceive you.

Abacha sends money everyday to Nigerians from his grave.

Visionary Nigerian leader, saved for the rainy days..

Stashed money abroad for such a time as this when crude oil is selling below $70/barrel.

When dollar Exchange rate is #350 Naira to a single dollar.

I am dead sure Abacha saved those money in swiss bank when a dollar wad selling for #65 or below.

Nigerian is making Brisk Business from Abacha's loot.

They should be thankful and Grateful to the man in his Grave.

Abacha is about the best Leader in my life time Nigeria ever had...

Lets just say Abacha's Account is Nigeria's 2nd Single Treasury account with no Credit, only Debit.

May Heavens Rest his Soul and May God forgive His Sins....

Obasanjo, Abdulsalam and Babangida, I doubt if their graves can ever produce one tiny shillings, yet no be say them holy pass.

That is Nigeria. That is my Country.