2.5 Million People Apply for 5,000 slots of Civil Defence Recruitment

By OMA | 25-10-2019 | Politics |  

Jobs are hard to come by. Think Business


Nigerian Civil Defence Advertised Job for Recruitment. They had only 5,000 slots to fill. It was over Subscribed for. Trust Nigerians.

A Total of 2.5 Million Applicants were said to have Applied for different positions at the recently ended online recruitment exercise.

Of the 2.5 million that applied, 1 million of those are already disqualified for not meeting up to recruitment requirements.

Leaving 5,000 Applicants to justle for 1.5 Million available jobs. A ratio of 1-300. Civil Defence would pick 1 in every 300 Applicants. Beat That!.

Senate committee Chairman on Interior, Senator Kashim Shetimma made this disclosure during the 2020 budget defence.

NSCDC Made known their initial plan was to offer 10,000 jobs to qualified young Nigerians but paucity of funds made the number halfed to 5,000, Further increasing the ratio of those to be considered and those to be left out.