24 Hours Power Supply in Daura Happens Only When Buhari is There

By OMA | 14-08-2019 | Politics |  

Daura Elders Lamenting

President Bucho

From the Previous week Ending Friday 9th August, Monday and Teusday 12th and 13th August Respectively year 2019 had been Declared Public Holidays by the Federal Government to commemorate the Sallah Festivities.

President Buhari had gotten to Daura to Celebrate Sallah Festivities with his kinsmen.

The rumours started flying around social Media that Daura is now a Haven of some sort.

People trying to tarnish the APC led administration by painting portraits how Buhari had Built Daura. The Rumour was spreading fast like wild fire.

Well, the Leaders of the Daura Emirate has expressed to President Buhari how thy truly feel about the State of Power Generation and Distribution in the Country.

Buhari is visiting a certain area, PHCN makes that point a Piority One Line.

Buhari Being in Daura attending to Visitors ranging from the Political class to the Religious and Traditional class apparently tells you All the Power was in Daura.

Daura Elders have come out to say, Daura only enjoys 24hours power supply only when President Buhari is in Daura.

To Imply that, Power supply gets better in certain areas only under certain conditions. Some sort of hanki panki in the power sector. Some sort of gimmicks and tricks.

Babatunde Fashola, President Buhari, PHCN and all the other Stake Holders in the Power Sector must Realise that Shifting power around or Rotating Power is never Solution to Nigeria's Power Crisis.

Only True Commitment to Better Power Generation and Supply In Nigeria can Sustain Credible Achievements in the Power Sector under this Buhari Led APC Administration.

Power in Daura and indeed in every other part of Nigeria must be 24hours per day / 7 days a week. With or without the President Visiting there.

The Daura Elders have once again fueled the magnimity of the Power Crisis Staring Nigeria right in the face...

Perherbs President Buhari as a take away from the Sallah Festivities to resuming back to piloting affairs of our Great Nation Nigeria, an Obligation he Swore to an oath.

President Buhari Must Face the Power Crisis in Nigeria Once and for all if Truly as the President claim the Vote pattern shows he is fighting for the poor.

The President should know that the Poor are the worst hit in this Electricity Crisis. Nigerians need Power.

Power for Growth. Power for Emancipation. Power to Explore.

If President Buhari at this time can Provide the People with Power, i mean Uninterupted Electricity Supply, History Books would rate him Greatest Ever Nigerian President.

Lip service should be far from Power Stability in Nigeria. Only Genuine Commitment to Power Generation and Distribution in Nigeria can Solve 80% of Economic Depression the local Economy faces today.

Dedication to Power Generation and Supply to the Nigerian People could serve as the Only Stimulus This APC led Administration owes the Country to Stimulate the Economy.

If President Buhari has told the CBN not to suppourt anybody with a single Penny from government coffers for purpose of importing food, The President should also know that Local farmers need Sufficient and affordable Electricity to process their Farm Produce.

These Policies should be in tandem Pari -Pasu, not strangling availability of forex for importation and have the local economy not producing.

They should pay more Attention to Power Generation rather than clossing the boders.

If the is Power and People are gainfully employed, The borders and indeed the whole of Nigerian territorial space would be free most MOST sorts of Importation.

Power is needed for sustainable production. Once there is no power, Production declines and tends to zero.

Power Crisis must be faced Heads on once and for all.