President Bucho

Five Thousand Naira or a Nigerian Identification Card.

The Debate is solely about the Price of the Policy and not the Policy itself.

burna boy-288x288.png
Burna Boy Claims Igbo People dont love Him.

Questioning Source of "Unity" from our Diversities.

Dino mama letter-360x600.png
Is Dino Melaye About to join APC

All Politics is Local.

Mko tinz-500x710.jpg
Did Tinubu Deal Obasanjo a Soccer-Punch

Tinubu Slams Obasanjo. If this is true then its deep

Mko tinz-500x710.jpg
Who Then is Marginalising the Igbo People.

Only Igbos marginalise Igbos.

Senate Presidency Tussle: Goje Steps down for Lawan.

Lawan is Party's annointed Candidate.

Dino 4 Governor

Kogi Must Decide one and for All.

Oshiomoleh Still Stands Tall

Forget opposition. They can clinge to a straw.

Supreme court.jpeg
Supreme Court Sends All APC Candidates Packing in Zamfara State.

No valid primaries Elections held in the state.

Minimum wage tweet
President Buhari Signs New 30K Minimum wage into Law.

New lease to life for salary earners.

Developing Stories. Man Losses Job for Showing Buhari Support.

How low varience in political ideologies gets the Society.

Senators Elect, 9th Assembly as it Stands.

Surprise New Entries and Shock Old Exits.

Dino Melaye Alleges threat to his life.

About 3rd attempt on his life.

APC In Emergency National Caucus Meeting.

Emergency National Caucus Meeting.

Crowd Buhari Pulled in Bauchi today was Amazing.

Terrifying Crowd. Electrifying Crowd.

Fresh 2019 Forcast

Prosperity for the land.

Pre-Elections Gimmicks, Stunts and all the 2019 palava

Electorates must beware of Election stunts

2018-11-16 03.53.39-186x199.jpg
Atiku Lied.

Lying Politicians

igbo yoruba
Igbos Vs Yoruba Slug it out 2023 Elections, Hausa Referees.

Between Igbo and Yoruba Presidency In 2023

PMB is 76 Today.

76 hearty cheers.

Atiku's Visa Issues to America.

Political shenanigans

Deji Adeyanju
Nigerian Police or Publicity Experts?

Some Arrests are Deterant, Some are Encouragement

The Metele Attack. What has been told.

Boko Haram came with Superior Fire Power.

Efcc tins
The Fire in EFCC Office. What Nigerians are Saying.

Data centre worst hit according to reports.

Say No to Privatisation.

Privatisation is wrong theory.

Most Corrupt Nigerian Alive. : Atiku Abubakar

Benefitted from Sale of Nigeria thru Privatisation

2018-11-02 12.18.11-192x320.jpg
Why I Support Buhari.

Last of a Dieing Breed.

Muslim-Muslim Ticket. Are we Ready?

Where Religion Intersects Politics.

Atiku, Atikulate and 2019 Permutations.

Obasanjo hopes to control Atiku.

Buhari and Tambuwal
The Invalidity In Tambiwal's Statement.

Cabals have nothing on Buhari

Akpabio tiNubu_edit.jpg
Defectors and Politics of no Ideaology.

I never heard of a Republican forsake his Tea-Party to go join Democrats nor have Democrats jump ship to Republican

Muhammadu Buhari
Politics of Hostilities.

Politics is of Interest

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Another Saraki Headache looms.

Senate President Saraki with Fresh Face-off with Executive arm.

Obasanjo, Buhari Fued Deepens

President Buhari Blows Hot

Ajekun iya. A case for Senator Dino Melaye

Ajekun iya coroner time line. How it all started

Now that Buhari is up for 2019

Politics of Interest

Dapchi Girls.
Mixed Reactions as Dapchi Girls are returned unharmed.

Movie script or not. Girls were returned

Buhari and Obasanjo in warm Handshake.

Friends of Foes. Leaves spectators wondering.

Lauretta Onochie debunks rumored 'Yusuf Buhari's Death'.

What is the state of Yusuf Buhari's health

Obasanjo sings a different tune, Praises President Buhari

After writing that critical letter of Buhari's Administration.

See Unmanned Aeriel Vehicle Commissioned in Kaduna today by president Buhari

Another step to combat and check spate of insecurity.

President Buhari as seen today

Body language experts can analyze

If we were French it would be 'Aurovoiur Jacob Zuma'

Jacob Zuma Resigns as South African President

Senator Dino Melaye In another 'Orbeeeee' eye saga.

About the 2nd time with this same posture

No Aid Must Engage Obasanjo. Buhari warns.

following the damning letter

Obasanjo as seen with Buhari Today.

Life after the Damning letter.

Obasanjo's Letter. A case of Total Shock and Complete Disbelief

Kettle should Never be caught calling Pot Black.

Cattle Colony, Herdsmen Killings and Stack Realities.

Farmers and Herdsmen all needs Natures resource

One too many killings... a fulani Herdsmen case.

These killings are becoming one too many.

Grace Mugabe's Ph.d under scrutiny

Did she earn the Ph.d legitimately?

Governor Fayose likens Herdsmen Attack to Ethnic Cleansing

Fulani Herdsmen Attack.. one too many

Please share with every Nigerian that you know.

Fundamental blocks of Nation Building

Analysis of the latest Boko Haram Video released on Youtube.

Compare Boko Haram stands with What Government is telling us.

Adebayo Shittu's Parable Exposing Buhari for 2nd Term.

It gets clearer by the day President Buhari is heading for 2nd term.

Nigerians suffered Fuel Scarcity all cos a group wanted Tax-Holidays

Tax holidays or waivers or incentives or subsidy are all to me birds of same feathers.

Ethnic cleaning allegations in Benue community

Incessant Fulani Herdsmen killings is invitation for Civil war.

Nigeria records 150% increase in Agro-Export.

Government initiative to revolutionise agric sector yielding fruits already.

A Must Read. A Shehu Sani Exclusive on President Buhari

Only president that flogs you with koboko and you thank him for it

Rotimi Amechi Appointed Buhari 2019 campaign DG.

Race for 2019 elections heats up. 13 months to go!