Rugan Fulani. Using Jigawa State as a Case Study.

By OMA | 30-06-2019 | Food |  

Farmers and Herdsmen can co-exist in peace.

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Nature of my work takes me from state to state within the confines of the Country in the River Niger Area called Nigeria.

Talking strictly from experience from my state to state visit, I was fascinated by my discovery is Jigawa State.

I worked in Auyo Local Government of Jigawa State very close to Hadejia Local Government.

Auyo has a 52 kilometer Dam built as far back as the Shehu Shagari Regime.

This Dam is for no other thing but for availability of water for all year round farming.

Dangote happens to be building a Rice mill along the Auyo road.

I made mention of that so you know how much of massive Rice farming goes on in Auyo LGA in Jigawa State.

Let me categorically state that I have never in my life seen large farms as I saw in Jigawa State.

Jigawa produces Local Rice, Maize. Millet, Wheat etc and also has about the largest population of cattles I ever saw all my life.

What is my point and where am I driving at?

Cultivating this large Hectares of land isnt just done manually but by some locally mechanised mechanisms.

Big hefty cattles and Bulls are used to till the soil in massive expansive lands.

The cows in question works on farmlands without eating a grain of farm produce.

  1. Becos their mouths are sealed off.
  2. Because they have standing laws and orders within the community protecting both farmers and herdsmen.

When I dug further for more enquries, I was told that there are laid down punishments for any cow caught eating a single crop belonging to any farmer.

They have local policemen that arrests any cow that eats from anybody's farm till the cow owner comes to pay for whatever the cow had eaten.

Cow get sense for jigawa ooo. Seriously.

The Truth is, I was marveled by my discovery in Jigawa.

No trespass.

I can categorically say there is no state in Nigeria that has Cattle population as much as Jigawa and also there are no farming communities as large as those I saw in Jigawa State.

How come then Farmers and Herdsmen Clashes are never reported from Jigawa?

  1. Probably because they Understand themselves in terms of Language and Religion.

2 and most importantly would be legislation.

The existing laws In these local government in Jigawa would Amuse you.

Cows dont Miss behave in Jigawa.

Jigawa Cows dont go about eating farmers produce and this I experienced first hand.

Coming to the "Ruga" issue. There are so many Ruga Fulani in Jigawa State already and it is a model that works, at least with commitment and understanding from both farmers and herdsmen we can have a violent free Nigeria where Herdsmen and Farmers live together in Peace.

Jigawa State is a good case study of what Herdsmen and Farmers harmonious relationships should look like.

Lets give peace a chance as there is no price too high to pay for peace even if it means establishing Ruga

If Ruga would bring lasting peace between Herdsmen and Farmers then let it be and lets stop dragging and politicising what shouldnt be politicised.

Life is so sacred and so sacrosanct and nobody should lose their life as a result of clashes between herdsmen and Farmers.

Lets value life. Lets give peace a chance.

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