Rugan Fulani. The Cain and Abel perspective.

By OMA | 28-06-2019 | Food |  

Herdsmen and Farmers Must live together in Peace.

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Traditionally from time immemorial, Farmers and Herdsmen has always always found a middle point when it comes to settlement.

This are about the oldest profession ever known to mankind.

Animal Rearing and Crop Production.

These are inseparable God endowned occupation.

Infact, the first man ever to live on Earth (Adam) was said to have given birth to Cain and Abel as his offspring.

It is safe to infer that Herdsmen and Farmers are from the same decendants. Adam and Eve.

It is recorded in the Bible in Genesis chapter 4. Adam made love to his wife Eve, and she became pregnant and gave birth to Cain. She said, with the help of the lord I have brought forth a man. Later she gave birth to his brother Abel.

Abel kept flocks. Herdsman. Cain worked on the soil. Farmer.

So. Logically, Farmers and Herdsmen are from the same parents.

If that arguement holds water that Herdsmen and Farmers are Siemens-inseperable-twins, then there must be modalities in place to have them live together side by side without anyone taking advantage of the other.

Rugan Fulani would most likely put an end to Farmers/Herdsmen clashes.

State Governors can capitalise on this initiative from the federal government, have a detailed data base of all fulanis in each state so as to differentiate them from those roaming.

Rugan Fulani would put an end to open grazzing.

No price is too expensive to pay for peaceful and mutual coexistence just as no tribe is more important than the other in Nigeria.

But then again, going biblical, Cain the farmer killed Abel the Herdsman. If this clashes pre-date the entity Nigeria, Then every effort put together by the government of the day to curb this menace should be welcomed and given a try.