Say No to UNITY SCHOOL' s Fees Hike.

By OMA | 24-06-2019 | Education |  

Hike in Price keeps another Child out of School.

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Primary 6, Command Children School Kaduna, wrote Common Entrance with all Enthusiasm and Optimism.

Scored a whooping 525 out of the possible 600 there was Total to score. If it was you, wouldnt you feek cool? Abegii..

Jeez! I was feeling super cool mehn! I had Always Known I was a Genius Kid. I had secured a Double Promotion in AWA Nursery School in Kaduna. I had just come back from a 2weeks interview for NMS Zaria.. Nigerian military School in Zaria. Was in Echo Company, Stayed in Zaria for 2 straight weeks, came back, feeling like a bad boy, my common Entrance was there waiting for me. 525 out of 600. BEAT THAT!.

By the way A.W.A stands for Army Wife's Association Nursery School. That is to tell you I have been street tested and confirmed right from Nursery School haven secured a Double Promotion.

Fastfoward to Primary 6. In Command Children School Kaduna I had been basking in that Euphoria of being one of the Best, true I wasn't the Best in all but one of them. Greatness always Recognises Greatness.

Haven scored 525 out of the possible 600 in common Entrance, Any Unity School in Nigeria would Gladly offer you Admission on a Platter of Gold. After all I had shown so much Promise scoring 525 out of 600 in my Common Entrance Examination.

I was a "SUREBET". If you placed a bet on me, you sure must get return.

My Dad wanted me to go to Federal Government College Kaduna, Cos Asides from being a very reputable institution for Secondary Education in Nigeria, The main reason behind my dad's Motive was because it was where you find the Most "Value".

One of the Wealthiest man on planet Earth today postulated...

Warren Buffet says.. "Price is what you pay and Value is what you get"

Trust my Dad. Ijebu man. Looking for the Greatest Value with the least available Price to be paid. I owe my Dad my life and I just wished he knew it.

My dad was looking for the cheapest and most valuable place I could get my Secondary Education and being that he was in Kaduna at the Time, the closest place for him to get quality education for his son at the lowest fees was Federal Government College Kaduna.

After all, All Unity Schools were the Pride of most parents. Elites and talekawa's. ( Haves and Have Nots)

Asides from resuming with an Aluminium medium size Bucket, 1 Hoe and 1 Cutlass with 6 Tissue Papers, Aluminium Cutlery of Spoon, Fuck, Knife and Plate.. Who get time for Knife sef. Na oyinbo I be.. abegi...

The only other thing your parent was responsible for was whatever amount of Provision they could afford.

Some came with 2 medium sized tin of Milo or Bournvita or Both, With Peak Milk or Cowbell Milk or Dano Milk mai dadi. Cornflakes, Cabin Biscuits, Sardine and butter were for the Exclusively Rich Ajebutter kind of kids...

Garri.. oh sweet Jesus! My very own sweet Garri.

Garri was like PDP Back then. The Dominant Party. If you dont have Garri, that is only when u are allowed to say you dont have anything because Garri was Everything. G2S04 was the Chemical combination for Garri. Yes! Chemistry Student called it by its emperical formula Name. G2SO4.

Asides from the above listed. The only other Expense your parent had to engage in was to Pay #1,800.

Yes! You heard me right. One thousand, Eight Hundred Naira Only.

1,800 was the Highest school fees I ever paid during my time at FGCKaduna spanning year 1996 till 2002. The very Notorious 2k2 set..

2k2 Set. That Is story for Another day..

At One Thousand, Eight Hundred Naira maximum School fees I ever paid in a Unity School, Federal Government college Kaduna, it was still alarming at the Time some Students and their parent still couldnt meet such Fees and had to have them withdraw from school.

Thank God My own Parents didnt allow me drop out of school for sake of not being able to meet school fee's even tho once in a while I defaulted or paid late.

Today, the hike in school fees of Unity schools are Over the Roof.

What was Minimum wage 1996 till 2002 when I was in FGCKaduna?

What is Minimum wage today?

What is inflation rate year on year since that time till present times.

What is the Disposable income of an average household in a Nigerian Family willing to send thier children to any Unity school today?

The Muhammadu Buhari lead Administration through the Honourable Minister, Ministry of Education must look at Having lesser school age children being out of school.

We are having and endemic situation with the Almajiri Children and trying to inculcate then in the formal Educational sector.

Increasing School fee's of Federal government owned schools is a way of having Private schools justify increment in price parents pay to educate thier wards.

Government should not be so irresponsible by Neglecting one of its core most fundamental responsibility such as Educating its citizenery.

Education is Power. Education is Ligth. Light to illuminate the soul. Light for Libration. Power for Emancipation. Power to be free.

Government as a matter of urgency must not only subsidies Education but must incentivise and appreciate pupils that voluntrarily put themselves up to be Educated. People that choose to aquire formal Education.

Such Indiscriminate Increment and consiquencial Hikes in rates for School fees Unity Schools are exposed to only says One thing about the Government of the day.

"I am not Ready to be Responsible for Education".

We currently are grappling with Security challenges and spend a fortune in Budget on Defence..

Most of these Bandits are plain uncivilised and uneducated.

Increasing school fees for Federal Government Colleges is having one more child out of school.

One more ideal child. And Ideal Mind is devils workshop One more out of school child preparing to be used by the devil.

A child out of school is a child in the Devil's workshop.

Does Our Governments want our Children in schools or in the Devil's Workshop?

This Administration Must choose one!.

OMA writing for Educational Desk and being a concerned citizen and advocate to bring down prices of School Fees of Federal Government Colleges being a Product of a Unity School myself.

ProUnitate my Brethren.

Say No to Unity Schools, School Fees Hike...