Growing Ugly Trend Amongst Married Women must stop.

By OMA | 27-12-2018 | Education |  

Either be married or not.

Married people

Who else has noticed this growing trend amongst married women.

Is it just me or is it peculiar to my circle?

So, I seem to come across a lot of married women these days still bearing their Father's name middle of their name before their Husband's Name and I ask myself what that nonsense stands for.

  1. Either a form of Security so if the marriage doesn't work out she reverts to her maiden name and be like she never ever truly dropped her first Surname anyways (Fathers Name).

  2. The Husbands of such women are weaklings that cant stand their grounds of blinded by love.

It is either you are married or you are still in your fathers house.

You cant be married and Bear your Fathers name and at the same time still bare your Husband's name except you are telling me you are married to your father and your Husband at the same time.

It is like eating your cake and wanting to still have it.

Any woman wey follow me try that non-sense should be ready to park back to her father's house to go and marry her father since her papa name dey sweet am that much.

Osinubi Martin Abidemi. OMA concerned Nigerian reporting on Behalf of Men for