Bad lecturers Painting Great Nigerian Universities Black.

By OMA | 21-06-2020 | Education |  

I will stop at Nothing


UNAAB is becoming very Unbecoming.

I repeat... The Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta is Becoming very Unbecoming.

My names are Osinubi Abidemi Martins.

My Matric Number is 04/0066.

I secured admission to the University of Agriculture Abeokuta year 2005.. Altho I had undergone the one year pre-degree programme at the Isalegbeyin Campus...

This is my True Story.

Everything I say here, I say Under Oath.

I swear by my life to say nothing but the Truth...

I graduated in the year 2010 and had proceeded for my Compulsory National Youth Service in Yola Town, Adamawa State, North-East Nigeria in the heat of the Boko-Haram crisis..

Several years after I graduated, year 2019 precisely, I needed my "Transcript" to process Admission in some other Institution.

I proceeded to UNAAB to request and process my Transcript.

I got to the Administrative block and went to the Exams and Records department..

I paid the required sum of About 15 thousand naira.

To my utter Suprise.. in no time, the personnel in charge had helped me process the Transcript.

I was happy and elated. I was glad.

I got home and started to go thru my Transcript to see results of my 5 years of study at the University of Agriculture Abeokuta..

To my Utter suprise... there was a very controversial lecturer at the College of Environmental Studies (COLERM) and the course was WMA 202 ( Introduction to Climatology and Biogeography).

At the time, a lot of my Coursemates and classmates had complained bitterly how the Lecturer purposefully failed them..

The course was real technical and I must admit to it but when the Results were pasted, I checked my result on the notice board and I was amongst the very few that did no get a Carry-over because I did not fail the course...

That was year 2007..

Fast forward to year 2019 when I needed my transcript... lo and behold I saw in my transcript that I failed a course I had seen with my 2 koro-koro eyes that I passed... 8th wonder of the world or miracle of Galileee... I was confused..

I discussed it with my Good friend @Otunba

He advised that I should first request for the soft copy being that no institution was ever going to collect a Transcript directly from my hand in hard copy unless the soft copy came directly from the school portal..

I requested the soft copy and the case was the same... my result failed me in a course I am dead sure I had passed.

What was most amusing and amazing at the same time was that it recorded I had a carry-over in this same course WMA 202 and that I had written the the Carry-over.

Will I have a carry-over without knowing it?

Will I re-write the carry-over without knowing it..

Was it my ghost that rewrote the carry-over or UNAAB is being phony with me..

I have taken time to elucidate my ordeal and the apparent marginalisation purposely aimed at dropping my Cumulative Grade Point Average CGPA.

A calculated attempt at Calumny to destabilise and demoralise me. They tried to keep me at the bottom but I sure prefer the Top.

I dont care if the Senate had sat... the Senate MUST resit and revisit this my case.

I have taken time to tag some of my classmates of 2010 set of UNAAB now FUNAAB..

I have tagged one or 2 lectures so I can seek Justice, Redress and possible compensation from all the Authorities involved.

This is what I have resolved to do within 2 weeks of this publication if I dont get any response from the UNAAB Authorities.

I am headed to the National Human Rights Commission to lodge a formal complaint in Abuja.

I will then proceed to the Human Rights Radio to meet and lodge my complaints to the President Ordinary Ahmed Isah in Abuja.

Then I will go to Chambers of my Late Grand-Fathers Lawyers "Sowemimo and Co." In Abeokuta in Ogun State.

I will go from gog to magog. I will go round the 4 corners of the earth.

I will stop at nothing to seek redress and possible Compensation.

I advice people to study their Transcript so some disgruntled Rogue Lecturers dont short change you by stealing from your CGPA to undermine you and graduate you with a result lower than what you originally scored.

I give the UNAAB Authorities 2 weeks of which I will proceed to take legal actions....

The current VC can deligate his staff to reach me on 08061644422 or

Attached is a copy of my original transcript where it was recorded that I failed a course I originally passed.