Scare in American Consulate Lagos.

By OMA | 24-10-2019 | Diaspora |  

Suspected white power could be anthrax

US embassy.jpeg

It was not a funny something at all In American Consulate in lagos as reported Yesterday 23rd October 2019

That People Visiting American Consulate in Lagos for one reason or the other were Compeled to evacuate the main Building.

That there had been a radio warning earlier before the Around 12:20pm evacuation.

That armed and unarmed security operatives took to strategic positions within the premises

That getting everybody out of the building was as a result of presence of "Strange white powder" suspected to be anthrax or other toxic agent.

Quoting the Embassy Spokes person,

"We are going to find out what that substance is. They isolated that package and they are attempting to verify what the substance is," Said Brooks.