Jay-Z's Mother comes clean she is Lesbian.

ByOMA |08-04-2018 | Diaspora |  

Jay-z talks Kanya-West issues and how he'd cheat on Beyonce.

Shawn Jay-z Carter.

Popular American Rap Artist was guest on "My Next Guest needs no introduction" show and had made lots of revelations his ardent fans wouldnt have loved to miss a detail.

This writting would seek to bring out 3 of the foremost revelations Mr Carter had revelead had tolled on him.

First was his mother coming out clean to speak openly on her sexuality and how she admitted to being lesbian. Jay-z was said not to have been able to contain his satisfaction when his mum opened up she was lesbian and was in love with another lady.

Jay-z revelead this was the cheif reason behind song 'Smile' a song on his '4:44' collection in 2017.

Asked about Kanye west. Jay-z revealed Kanye was not just a friend but a brother and as a k8d brother in a family they were bound to always have their ups and downs and as well resolve issues within them as they arose.

Jay-z further revealed that he was scared and shook to his bone when he had cheated on his wife thinking it was going to crash his marriage to his wife from Destiny's child 'Beyonce'.