Female Banker Sleeps with over 200 men to Be Suspended from work.

By OMA | 12-09-2019 | Diaspora |  

She Actually got sexual satisfaction with deception.

banker woman.

Wonders they say shall never end.

Imagine the magnanimity and how grievous her offence was.

She approved loans, promised job seekers jobs just to get sexual satisfaction.

News making the rounds in Zambia is that a female senior bank Manager gets to promise job seekers gainful employment only if they satisfy her sexually...

She is said to be an employee in Zanaco Bank in Zambia in a senior cadre level...

The Bank has decided to suspend her after she was reported to have slept with over 200 different men according to a report from Zambia Observers.

The woman said to be Mutale Winfrindah has been using her priviledged position as a Branch Senior bank Executive to sleep with different men, promising them Jobs with the Bank and approving their bank loan applications in return for sexual gratification. ..

It was said that 10 men officially reported her and the Bank decided to suspend the 39 year old lady who is un married.