El-Chapo's Wife more Beautiful than Kim Kardeshian.

By OMA | 13-11-2018 | Diaspora |  

Drug lord has penchant for beauty

Mrs El-Chappo.

Recall of recent in the News dominating international headlines was the capture, arrest amd arraignment to court of the renowned drug kingpin El-Chappo.

Today happened to be the first day slated for his court hearing and a lot of enthusiast were waiting anxiously from court proceeding as they unfolded.

However one of the major head lines that grabbed happenings at the court premises as they occured today was the stunning beauty the drug lord had for a wife.

Already beauty bloggers and fashion analyst rates her to be far more gorgeous than Kim Kardeshian.

She was so storning she had head turning to catch a glimpse of her.

It was reported she leaped at the instance a sniffer dog sniffed her legs as part of security measures put in place at the court premises.

Indeed behind every successful man there is a beautiful woman.