Dorain... The Hurricane that Devasted Bahamas.

By OMA | 05-09-2019 | Diaspora |  

Natural disasters.


Heaven's save us from natural disasters.

Call it Global warming, call it severe adverse weather.

Call it climatic changes..

Government and people of Bahamas are currently counting their losses from the wreckage and devastation left behind after the ravaging effect of one of the greatest devastation at a single place.

There had been warnings and request for evacuation all along, they knew it was coming but they could do absolutely nothing about it.

According to CNN, death toll should be in the range of about 20 people already. .

Dorain destroyed northwest Bahamas like no other storm on record. .

It is classified as a category-5 Hurricane with a whooping wind speed of around 185 Miles per hour..

For 40 straight hours Hurricane Dorain wrecked havoc on Bahamas.

It is reported as the longest siege of violent, destructive weather ever unleashed on a single location..

The storm destroyed structures and flooded large areas, destroyed Docks, Marsh Harbor and buildings..

Hurricane Dorain is on record as the strongest ever Hurricane in the Atlantic so far In the North atlantic basin.

Roads were reported to have been submerged throughout the island, cutting off transportation and some designated shelters..

Nearly half the runway of Leonard M. Thompson International Airport was submerged according to reports obtained from aerial graphics. Several smaller buildings appear destroyed.