Donald Trumps Impeachment Saga

By OMA | 23-10-2019 | Diaspora |  

Ongoing Investigation at the American congress.


Donald Trumps Impeachment.

What we know so far.

The American Senate is Investigating President Donald Trump but certainly not on Trumped-Up charges.

That a certain Whistle-Blower had blown a whistle sometimes in August.

That there is a certain Aid American Congress approved for Ukraine as palliatives to the Cremea Separatists Crisis with Russia.

That Donald Trump had asked for Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and His son, Knowing Biden is a Serious contender for the Coming Elections in America in year 2020 before America would release the Aid.

That there is an on going inquiry by the American Congress Seeking Testimonies.

According to Reuters International, A former Pentagon Senior Official on Ukraine Policy would be invited to testify.


Photo Credit ; Reuters.