Corona Virus.. Lagos State Must Avert What is Happening in NewYork.

By OMA | 12-04-2020 | Diaspora |  

NewYork is reported to be Worst hit.

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Dear Lord Please Save NewYork...

The Alicia Keys Song featuting Shawn Carter keeps Playing in my head back to back..

..... In NewYork, The Streets alone would make you feel brand New. ..... The Lights would inspire you here at the NewYork. NewYork The City that Never sleeps, if the City ever sleeps could only mean you are in Ambiance.

The much i know about NewYork is that she remains the Financial Capital of the world...

Especially that famous Wall Streets NewYork where every major fiancial hub in the world depends upon.

NewYork is now Worst hit. Mass Graves, dead bodies just along Hospital corridors and refrigerator trucks are used as make shift morgues.

When it rains, it pours.

Why does the NewYork case deserve that much attention?

Its simple, cos we have lessons to learn from The devastation going on right now at the NewYork to avoid a replica of it in our own African little Newyork... Lagos Nigeria..

Lagos at so many fora's has been compared to NewYork on so many occassion for so many diverse reasons.

The prayer now is that Lagos shouldn't take after NewYork this one time cos going by what is obtainable in NewYork a single state in America has the highest cases of Infected people for the Corona Virus overtaking Italy.

More Cases of Infected people in Newyork than in anyother country of the world.

Highest Death Rate from Corona Virus is recorded in NewYork.

Today alone, over 700 people died in NewYork.

Lagos, our little African NewYork must take a que and prepare to avert this Catastrophe.

Residents of Lagos should not abuse or flaunt the sit at home order.

If for nothing, for share population density of Lagos State with about over 20million people should be really careful so the outbreak doesnt spread and become real contagious within communities.

Visual Reports from Alimosho Local government today showed massive number of people going about their business as usual without giving consideration whatsoever to the Corona Virus pandemic.

Some other people are even of the Opinion that the Corona Virus is a hoax.. well, As they say it... Better Safe than Sorry.

As it stands today, Lagos has the leading number of Corona virus cases in Nigeria with over 150 people infected as at 10th of April 2020..

The point is this. Lagos has lots of similarities with NewYork just as we pray and hope this time Lagos doesnt take after NewYork in this Corona virus era..

People in Lagos and Nigeria at large MUST adhere to the Social distancing principle. Maintain proper hygiene and stay at home for possible self isolation staying away from others..

On this Corona Virus Crisis, may Lagos Nigeria Never take after NewYork in America.

Eko o ni baje ooo.