Conor McGregor celebrates New year with Family and friends Lavishly

By OMA | 09-01-2018 | Diaspora |  

Got the whole place locked down


Popular irish professional boxer Conor McGregor has been in the news lately for some lavish living. It is note worthy to inform our readers the boxer has been real liquid since after his bout with Floyd Mayweather made him income in the range of about £100million.

Monday January 1st New years day celebration by the boxer didnt go un-noticed by spectators and on-lookers and his fans alike.

It was a case of total shut down of an Amusement park in Dublin.

McGregor had Funderland, an amusement park booked to amuse only him and his family and for the entire New years day, the park locked out other visitors because McGregor alone had booked it for his family and friends alone.

That is what affluence can get you.