Conan Chased ISIS Leader to Tunnel where he died.

By OMA | 31-10-2019 | Diaspora |  

Intelligent dogs are helpful


Reports had filtered in Earlier about the Death of The Leader of the Islamic State ISIS.

More detail began to unfold by the day even as the American President tweeted and gloated about how the ISIS Leader died a coward that was whimpering.

Other details included that the ISIS leader was chased to tunnel where he Used an explosive vest to kill himself in what was described a suicide.

American Forensics had carried out on the field DNA test from the remains of al-Baghdadi to be sure he was the one.

The report had it that he died alonside 3 of his children

It was later full details started to filter in as to the Hero behind the death of ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi.

That is was a Military Dog that chased al-Baghdadi to the tunnel where he eventually blew himself up with the explosive vest.

That the dog would not be declassified for reasons to protecting the dog and the Unit it belonged to In the US Marine Delta Force.

Monitoring a tweet earlier today from Donald Trump, The Dog seems to have been declassified and know as "Conan".

Conan is the name of the dog that chased al-Baghdadi into the tunnel where he died.

It was said Conan sustained injury from the blast.

Conan would be on its way to the white house next week supposedly to bag a medal of honour.

Indeed, Dogs are man's best friend.