CNN Isha Sesay differs from President Buhari on Dapchi Girls.

ByOMA |26-02-2018 | Diaspora |  

Dapchi Girls Abduction. National Disgrace or National Disaster?

Isha Sesay CNN

Following the rising spate of Insecurity in Nigeria, Observers both locally and internationally have been airing their views and opinions in the wake of the abduction of over 100 school girls in Dapchi, a region in Yobe state North East Nigeria where Terrorism, and abductions have been predominant over the years.

Reacting to this incidence that looked similar to the Chibok-girls saga, President Buhari had refered to the Abduction of the Dapchi girls as a 'National Disaster' and took the federal government over one week to come to terms with the abduction of theae girls that has left a sour taste in the whole community with guardian and parents in shock and disbelief.

Reactions had continue to trail Preaident Buhari's speech calling the abduction a 'National disaster'.

One of such notable reaction was from a foremost CNN presenter believed to have roots or origin from Nigeria. The outspoke Isha Sesay.

Isha Sesay had countered President Buhari, saying the abduction of these girls wasn't a mere 'National disaster' as president Buhari would have us have it but in her words described the incidence as a 'National Disgrace'.

National Disaster or National Disgrace as the case might be have gotten opinion from all shades and all walks of life.

While most international correspondence agree with Isha Sesay, locals within the country believe it is not what this incidence is tagged that matters but ensuring the safe return of the girls that is paramount.

Oby Ezekwesili has also attributed lapse in security to coming elections saying we have a repeat of 2014 a year preceding elections at our hands, claiming that governance usually comes to a halt because major actors are much more interested in re-elections than in governance and hence a repeat of the same type abduction.

Madam oby, the convener of the BBOG (Bring Back Our Girls) had accused the government of trying to silence her but insisted she must be heard.

As the Dapchi Abduction continues to draw international attention, it is note worthy that the Federal Government had earlier sent a delegation to the School in yobe State led by the Minister of Defence.

The Federal Government claims however to be ontop of the situation claiming to have mobilised the Army and Police to that region to check further break down of law and order.

What can be done?

This brings to mind the burning issues of Nigeria being under Policed. The government should increase police-citizen ratio a lot more and the much talked about State-Policing should be made to take effect as it is the state Police that would be closest to the people, being that Federal Police are not familiar with most of the local terrains.

We wish the Dapchi girls no harm and a safe return to continue and complete their education as the dreaded Boko Haram sect has continued to insist western education is forbidden.