Beautiful Theft.

By OMA | 29-01-2019 | Diaspora |  

Smart art in Theft.

Russian theft-118x68.jpeg

There sure is an artistic side to everything in life.

So, Art lovers and enthusiasts gathered in a Russian Art Gallery or an Art Museum to either admire the art works on exhibition or make a purchase.

From amongst the crowd according to how BBC Televised it, one perfect gentle looking man just walks to the Wall where an expensive art work was on display and pulled it down in glare of everyone at the museum.

Very confidently with one hand pocketed and the other hand holding to the stolen piece of Art work, he walks very Cool, Calm and Collected such that no alarm was triggered whatsoever either by automation or by Art Enthusiats present.

Seeming to me the theft itself was perfectly Artistic.

Making Theft look so Artistic. Not your regular type of theft it had to make International headline.

As at time of filing this report, Russian Authorities had apprehended the suspect and had recovered the Art work owing to the footage from the CCTV.

Say we call him the Beautiful Theif.

What was most mind burguling was that he stole this art work in front of gallery goers as ot was easy for them to assume he was a worker in the Art Gallery owing to his composure in perpetrating the theft.