50Cents Going after Debtors Online.

By OMA | 02-06-2019 | Diaspora |  

Online is the latest Reality.


Celebrity Hollywood gist milling around town now is how our Gangstar Rap artist has resorted to Social Media to go about requesting his debtors pay up their debt.

Most worrisome is the Nigerian-American being dragged into this mudslinging.

Rotimi co-stared with 50Cent in "Power" but it seems their relationship goes beyond working together.

It was reported that Rotimi boasted on instagram that his new EP "Walk With Me," got to the top of the R&B chart.

Almost Immediately, 50Cent was said to have shot back at Rotimi on an Instagram Video he captioned :

"My Man you owe an outstanding $300,000 now WALK WITH ME to the Bank"

In what was a very swift reaction to 50Cents Rant on Instagram, Rotimi shot back and allegedly denied that he owed 50Cent not a Cent..

It seems the latest modus oprandi for 50Cents in the past one year where it seems he had been going after all of his debtors online, puportedly claiming that they owed him varying amount of unpaid debts.

OMA reporting for Diaspora News Desk.