39 Found Dead in UK Essex Truck believed to be Chinese

By OMA | 24-10-2019 | Diaspora |  

Largest mass murder case in the UK since 7/7 Bombing in London 2005


From the latest reportings making the rounds on the trending issue of Mass Murder in the United Kindom in Essex where a Truck was said to have been diacovered with all 39 People inside the truck dead,

Further Investigations by Police in the UK has revealed all 39 People found dead in the refrigirated truck container are believed to be Chinese nationals.

These 39 Bodies were said to have been found in the container in the early hours of Wesnesday Morning, in an Industrial park in Essex, East of London, after a local ambulance service alerted the Police.

Police says the truck was from Belgium and later confirmed on Thursday that eight of the victims are women and 31 are Men. 38 of the people are believed to be adult and one is a young adult woman.