176 Died. Iran Made the Mistake. America Forced it.

By OMA | 12-01-2020 | Diaspora |  

While Humanity is the ultimate loser


The permutations now does not require any tactical genius or a Strategy guru. These are logical permutations that later adds up with after thought. 

I have Read from the Book, "Art of War" and i am also briefed on the "48 Laws of Power".

There is an aspect from that law that propounds you can win from mere wielding reputation.

Everything is fair in War. You can force your adversaries into making a mistake

Its safe to assume Iran truly made a mistake at this point to have brought down that Jet with lives of 176 people lost.

if Iran made that Mistake, what then were the possible permutations? 

That Tensions were high between Iran and America. That Iran's Military had been on the alert.

That a Plane that was cleared to fly by Civil Aviation authorities, was flying within its regular track and normal ambits was deemed a possible threat from America.

That being too concious and very suspicious of the times, Iran's military probably had observed it a possible threat to Iranian Airspace, flying too close for comfort and possibly designated it a "Threat"... Perherbs, America was trying something, When infact the Plane was purely Ukrainian..

Possibly a wrong tactical military decision from Iran.  After the wrong military decision on a civilian aircraft, the Iranian Authorities lied and denied and tried to cover information or distort facts.

Iran Has been running from pillar to post. growing International anger, Mounting Pressures in Iran amidst tight Economic Sanctions.

Iran Made a Mistake but America by doing nothing forced Iran's wrong military calculations that resulted in Shooting down the Civilian Plane Mistakenly.

Congratulations to Iran and Congratulations to America.

one day, they both would wipe out Humanity from Existence if in the year 2020, 176 innocent Human lives does not count for Nothing.

Perherbs it time for a New world Order.