1.3Million Naira Mitchelle Obama Boots sparks online frenzy.

ByOMA |26-12-2018 | Diaspora |  

Former American 1st lady's got swag

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Immediate Past 1st Lady of the United States of America Mitchelle Obama is on a Tour in the United States of America and she is trending like buzz at the moment.

She got tongues wagging on her last stop in Brooklyn, New York On Wednesday Nigth as she was spotted on a Glittery Balenciaga Boots that cost a whooping $3900 direct convertion to Naira is #1,365,000.

The first Lady has been on a State to state Tour going from city to city just to talk about her "Memoirs" (Becoming).

While in Brooklyn New York, she was received on stage by Sarah Jessica Parker who served as the Moderator.

What had caught a lot of peoples attention even before Mitchelle could say a word was the applause from the audience whom apparently were thrilled at her Balenciaga Boots.

Keep Shining Mitchelle.

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