The Ever Notorious Kaduna-Abuja Highway

By OMA | 15-02-2018 | Crime |  

My 1st hand information on crime.


How do I narrate all of it to you guys?

just how?

1st im sharing this hoping I bury all of the ashes here.

I am sharing this cos most of my friends and relatives are resident either in Kaduna or Abuja.

please and please no blaming me.

I tot I was dead. I tot it was all over. I tot I had died. I tot I had been shot at. for a moment I couldnt feel my pulse.

The ever Notorious Kaduna-Abuja highway I had been hearing and reading about but had never encountered them not for once in my life.

so, I had a little project to attend to far North Katsina State.

I was done and returning from Katsina to Abuja.

I got to the motor park 5pm, the vehicle loading Abuja took about an hour to complete loading and we set out from katsina heading to Abuja exactly 6pm and I had estimated max 12midnight I would have arrived Abuja.

little did I know... ofcourse I had my mobile phones with me. I even monitored the Real Madrid vs PSG Match via the internet.

we had travelled past Zaria, past Kaduna and faced Abuja..

believe me.. at every 5 minutes interval we drove, we encountered Police check points and almost all the check points either directly or indirectly asked for money from the driver.

To some extent I was glad at the heavy presence of check points at every 5minutes interval on the Kaduna-Abuja highway and to some other extent I wasnt bcos it ment we had to keep stopping and stopping and ofcourse that added to journey time..

walahi I am not exaggerating. We would have encountered over 20 check points from Kaduna alone and before Zuba..

I was sitting right behind the driver and didnt nap or sleep or doze from Katsina till this point when I was woken by Men of the under-world.

Armed Herdsmen/kidnappers.

1st it was strange. they asked the driver to bring money then I woke from my short nap, and them they ordered the driver to come down from the car.

what was strange was that, they asked the driver to come down from the passenger's side and not the driver's side.

instantly that moment I looked at the Armed man dishing orders and discovered his shoes werent normal police or army boots but those normal 'vans' shoes.

his gun wasnt the normal Assault AK rifle but double barreled.

His language wasnt the regular Hausa but sounded Fulani.

putting 2 and 2 together, I knew we had fallen victim of Armed Robbery on the highway.

same people that kidnapp.

they had guns and machete.

We were all ordered to disembark the car and lay on the bare floor with our eyes facing down and ours hands outstretched.

Next thing. I felt hands ransacking my jeans back pockets and made away with my wallet and all that was in my pocket...

what was most ironical was the fact that from Katsina thru malumfashi thru zaria, there were no Police presence on the road but on the dreaded Notorious Kaduna Abuja highway where we encountered more than 20 police checks and all of them extorting the driver was where this ugly Icincidence took place.

the incidence was about 5 minutes away from the last police check point and 3 minutes away to the last Army check point before getting to Zuba, somewhere around dikko, a road leading to Niger state.

I was shocked to my bones. robbery on the same road heavily militarized and manned by regular Policemen, Mobile Policemen and the Army yet these under world men had a field day.

at a point, one of the bandits just felt like releasing one round and next thing I had was towaiiii...

I tot I was shot at. I tot I was dead. I tot I had convulsion. I didnt know if I had urinated in my pants.

it was a very sad and ugly experience.

why am I sharing this? I have most of my friends and family either in Kaduna or Abuja.

please and please. If you must travel, dont ply that road at night. its danm right too risky.

I tot I would arive my home 12 midnight. Here I am 4:17am just getting home and doing this write up.

I was left with no money in my pocket. the driver dropped us off at zuba.

from zuba I entered a vehicle to Asokoro junction and didnt have no money on me to pay.. the driver understood and let me go.

from Asokoro junction in the dead of the night I trekked to Apo resettlement.

it was a trek of my life.

life is such a gift. life is so precious.

I had escaped death by the whiskers. im grateful to the giver of life I am not dead.

all young boys in their 20's with guns and matchetes.

it was an ugly bitter experience I would never wish my enemy encounters...

if you aint got nothing to say, pls dont say nothing cos nobody should blame me for doing the night travel..

its something I regret and I have learnt a bitter lesson and grateful to be alive.