Security Lapses Within The FCT.

ByOMA |23-06-2018 | Crime |  

Oppourtunist criminal elements exploiting security lapses..


Criminal elements exploit lapses in security to get ill gains from unsuspecting members of the public at some soft spot areas within the Central Area of the Federal capital territory Abuja..

Or how else do I explain it? I just hope the commissioner of police in charge of the FCT and the IG of Police himself gets to hear of this.

So I had to visit a friend of mine admitted at the National Hospital abuja but the problem was that I had gone there after close of work at around 6pm.

Met with my friend Segun, had wished him quick recovery but it wouldnt have been proper of me if I had gotten there and left in a hurry even tho something within me kept prodding me to leave atleast before night falls.

So I left Segun in his ward at exactly 8pm and was heading towards Area-1 from National Hospital..

My very regular route ooo.. im no novice on that route, as it was a terrain I was familiar with like the back of my palm.

Crossing the major road that goes to the Airport and on the other coming lane that terminates in a U-turn some yards away from the United Nations Building in the cover of night a guy taps me from behind and threathens me with a knife.

Oya, search your pocket, wetin dey with you..

Oya give me your bag, I go chuk you knife ooo..

Me: no chuk me knife ooo.

So this back and forth drama between myself and a guy armed with a knife continued for as long as I was never going to open my eye and watch him stab me.

So, I look around to ascertain he was the only one, then i summoned a bit of courage to spot a 4x4 Toyota Prado far off going to make the U-turn to head back to pass direction I was wayleaid in the Bush. I figured I had to advance if I stood any chance at having the Jeep atleast interfer or succor with a little help.

So I did exactly as my mind had told me, navigated back to the main road and had the Driver obstruct what hitherto was an un-hindered operation that would have lasted as long as the bandit would have wanted.

I am writing this because I am fully aware Dead men dont tell tales.

If 8pm within the FCT, bandits have their way around strategic areas within Central Area of the FCT then security has seriously been breached if not possibly crunched.