Pant Theif caught in Niger State.

By OMA | 26-10-2019 | Crime |  

This crime seems to be on the increase. Ladies be careful

Pant thief.png

Ladies should please be careful where they spread their Pants after washing.

New Story emerging suggests that the Niger State Police Command arrested a Pant Thief in Lapai, Kaffin-Koro area of Niger State.

The Suspect whom was later identified as one 29 year old Muhammed Ali was said to be a tailor.

Muhammed Ali was arrested when he tried removing a female pant spread inside the room of a female student in State Low-cost Lapai.

Being paraded by the police on friday, Muhammed Ali confessed that he was contacted by one of his customers to steal four female pants after which he would be given #20,000.

Muhammed Ali confessed he was in the act of stealing the 3rd pant before he was caught and handed over to the Police.

His Confession ;

"One Madaji Yabajeko from Agaie is my customer who comes to sew cloths from me. He Approched me to steal pants for him, that if I steal four pants for him, he will pay me N20,000".