More Troubles for Allen Onyenma as EFCC Seizes His Travel Passport and Restricts His Movement

By OMA | 02-12-2019 | Crime |  

As if America would just say : No hiding place for the Corrupt


Travel Passport and Document seized.

Movement Restricted.

Possibility to Extradite Allen Onyenma to the United States of America to Answer to his court charges is very much a possiblity as the EFCC has made known it would not hesitate to hounour the MLAT () agreement between Nigeria and the United State.

Could it get any messier or worse for Allen Onyenma, Fingers crossed as we wait and watch.

Allen Onyenma's travail started on 23rd November when he was charged with a 27 count bothering around Money Laudrying by a U.S Attoney Byung J. "BJay"Pak.

Onyenma was charged for moving more than $20 million from Nigeria through United States Bank accounts in a scheme suspected to be involving false documents surrounding purchasing Airplanes..

Since then, The US Court has issued an arrest warrant on Allen Onyenma and authorised US marshals service to bring him to custody..

According to an official testimony from an EFCC operative, "Following his interaction with our detectives, it became imperative to restrcit his movement to the country because we will need him from time to time.

"We have seized his passport for unfettered comprehensive investigation. And so far, he has cooperated with our team".

"During our interaction, he maintained his innocence. We have however made progress in our preliminary investigation".

That Onyenma may be extradited to the US, the source said: "This depends on the MLAT between Nigeria and the US. For now, we are only investigating.

Recall that omascope had reported this story as at time the story broke out and had pointed to it as one that looks as the first in a series of cans of worms to be blown open.

The Allen Onyenma Register would be opened for a while longer.

OMA Public Affairs Commentator.