Is it Battle for The Heart Of Lagos or Just a Regular Oshodi Agbero Fight

By OMA | 10-01-2019 | Crime |  

I go call MC Oluomo.

Mc Oluomo

Popular NURTW Boss in Lagos and especially in Oshodi Musiliu Akinsanya aka Mc Oluomo Known for his stonch Dominace in his field of trade just had a big dent to his reputation and street credibility.

The big question however is this. Is it just a fight to chage leadership of the NURTW in Oshodi or its a fight to wrestle Lagos from the grips of some acclaimed untouchables.

Ofcourse MC Oluomo is an untouchable in Lagos which ever way you look at it.

Either from the angle of him being an avid suppourter of the Ruling Party in Lagos since return to democracy since 1999 or the mere fact that he is Number 1 in all of Oshodi and environs when it comes to popular Agbero loyalty in the motor parks.

The Truth is that persons of his calibre are believed to be fortified spiritually and hence Guns, matchete and all other weapons even tho wielded or fired at him would never have sway.

This seems not to be the case in the recent APC flag off held in lagos.

Reports reaching suggests with all the fortifications of Ayeta (bullet odeshi), mabogunje, and other forms of traditional fortifications, the self acclaimed Mc must have had on for spiritual and physical protection, he was stabbed twice on his neck region leaving him battling for survival in the Eko Hospital.

Sources pleading anonymity revealed he was stabbed with a poisoned knife since its known fact ordinary knife wouldnt have penetrated the NURTW boss.

In the yoruba palace, you refer to such knives as Makanje (Not supposed to contact blood).

There are already two versions to the story making the rounds. One such story is that he was stabbed over his un-wavering dominace as NURTW Boss and factions not loyal to him would want to have a slice of the cake from leadership and spoils from the proceeds from loading at the motor garage.

Other sources alleged that thugs loyal to Incumbent Governor Ambode who were not satisfied at the APC primaries in Lagos and how Ambode was forcefully made to concede to Babajide Sanwo-Olu were the one's that let hell loose and unleashed mayhem at the venue where all dignitaries were whisked away for the sake of their own safety having had the ground turn to what looked like a war zone.

Knowing Mc Oluomo was shieled from Guns and Knives and matchetes, his rivals had fore-knowledge and decided to use what would definately harm the NURTW Boss the Makenje Knife.. the poisoned knife.

Reports are that Medical doctors and traditional spiritualist are battling to keep him alive first by removing the venom from his blood stream.

The Police are said to be on the look out for the gang leader of the thugs that disrupted this gathering especially the person that stabbed Mc Oluomo.

From us here at we only can wish the NURTW Boss a speedy recovery.

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