#EndSARS. IGP Should know dissolving SARS wont End Police Brutality

By OMA | 11-10-2020 | Crime |  

Police needs total reform


Inspector General of Police Started it. Inspector General of Police Ended it.

The Number 1 Police in Nigeria has pulled a veil on the faces of Nigerian youths yet again. ..

Lets go straight to the crux of the matter.

Youths all over the country have been protesting all week long to #EndSARS.

Abuja youths walked a whooping 14 kilometer stretch from Berger Roundabout to the Police headquarters at Area 11 at the Louis Edet House requested to see the IGP.

It was stated that the IGP was away for an official engagement and a representative was sent to address the youth whom declined to honour the representative of the IGP.

The commissioner of Police in charge of the Federal capital territory came forth to see if he could douse the tension but to no avail.. the youth seemed resilient in their press to meet the Number 1 cop of the land the IGP.

Moving saturday to sunday, Seeing that the movement was gathering steam and possibly could get out of hand, IGP Decided to perform a wonderful abrakadabra, a wonderful magic by announcing he has dessolved the SARS unit of the police.

Dissolving this unit honestly in my opinion is not appropriate measure to curb insscent police brutality.

What further irritated me was the announcement that SARS had been dissolved but the same SARS men had been moved to other tactical units in the same police force..

What the white man would tag as " Same Shit but different Toilet".

My questions to the IGP are simple.

These SARS men killing Nigerian Youths being deployed to other units, would that deployment change their orientations and excessiveness?

Even if you remove a SARS man and turned him to a traffic warden ( Yellow-fever) that eveil intention in his hearts of hearts has not been reformed.

This is mere sugar dressing..

An adage says, No matter how hard it rains, it can NEVER wash off the spots on a leopard.

Disaolving SARS and moving them to other units is just mere parambulatting and beating about the bush.

Its tant amout to chasing shadows and leaving Substance.

EndSARS or not, one thing is certain. Nigerian Police needs a complete overhaul.

This one chance would be about the only chance the Nigerian Youths have to fight Institutionalised Corruption.

Fighting corruption should be systemic and should be in phases.

If Nigerian Youths are really serious at tackling institutionalised Corruption head-on.. it has to be one by one. One after the other.

The Nigerian police is a very smart place to begin.

Nigerian youths must realise this about their one chance to bring about the long deserved "Change" we have always yearned for.

"Change".. the very mantra this administration rode on to grab power from the PDP.

Nigerian youths must refuse to be hoodwinked.

Nigerian youths must press relentlessly and unbendingly.

Dissolving SARS and absorbing them in other units of the police is mere kicking the can down the road.

If our lives truly matter, if we must stop police brutality, The IGP must go all the way.