El-Chappo gets Life Imprisonment.

By OMA | 13-02-2019 | Crime |  

Elchappo bags life imprisonment

Mrs Chapo

Joaquin Guzman popularly known as El-chappo whom had been captured by Mexican Marines and extradited to America has been handed Life imprisonment for 10 count charges against him.

From a humble young farmer in Mexico, he grew to be a ruthless drug dealer whom had once ordered the death of his own cousin and was acclaimed the worlds greatest drug lord whom had shipped Cocain from Mexico to the United states of America in different decoy ways and manner.

He had escaped arrest severally and this time being handed a Life sentence.

BBC reported his wife just walked back to her vehicle with no words of what next, However his Cousel and Lawyer said it was embarking on an appeal describing as a real Positive guy.

The last has sure not been heard of El-chappo.