Cannibalism and Sodomy Reported in a school in FCT Abuja.

ByOMA |19-02-2019 | Crime |  

6 year old deaf student narrates his ordeals.

Deaf School.

Cannibalism and sodomy reported in a school in Kuje, FCT Abuja...

Parents really have to start listening to their children.

There is this report making the rounds now in Abuja and I think was first reported by Berekete Family Radio and God bless their chairman Ahmed Isah.

The story is that a young deaf Boy that previously was schooling in a school for the deaf in Kaduna was later transfered to the school for the deaf in Kuje Abuja.

So it was mid-term and the kid came back home to kaduna for mid-term break..

So he gets to start using sign language to explain to his Grand-Mother what his experience was in school but the grand mother never really paid attention till the next day the boy was supposed to return to school and he vehimently resisted all efforts to go back to the school.

That was the time the Boy's mother and Grand mother took time to listen to the boy and luckily the grand mother understands sign language.

The boy started to Narrate his ordeal...

He says to his mother that as a 6 year old, seniors in his school hits him with iron at the back of his head when he refused to eat human meat served him.

This case is being investigated at the moment by NAPTIP, and the ministry of Education and even International Stakeholders.

They said from examinations, most of the boys had their Anus strained most likely because they were abused or being sodomised. That Cultist comes from behind the school, kill people, roast them and give to students to eat.

Very shocking revelations but since the case is still under investigation there is need to excercise caution such that we must have to wait for out come of the investigation.

omascope would keep tabs on the investigation and surly report findings as they unfold.