Biodun Fatoyinbo, Serial Sex Scandalist

ByOMA |29-06-2019 | Crime |  

Be Happy A Man of God Disvirgined You.


First and foremost, The Dakolo's must be a very Strong Couple.

Biodun Fatoyinbo has concurrently been accused of Several Sex scandals and somehow the COZA chief had always remained afloat.

This time tho. It seems different from the Ese Walter Case. This one has more substance attached to it and got so many interest groups already yapping.

Most Online trend followers would have Noticed about some weeks back how Timi Dakolo kept alleging through series of posts on his instagram handle how Biodun Fatoyinbo had serially been molesting women in his church.

Apparently what wasnt clear at the Time was Timi Dakolo trying to hold back some vital information at his disposal just to shield the victim involved.

Fast forward few days later, Bukola Dakolo, Timi's Wife has come out to openly explain how Biodun Fatoyinbo Raped her and took away her virginity.

From her vivid description recounting her ordeals with the Coza Pastor while narrating how it all transpired.

One thing was clear from her account, There was no conscent and it was a case of Rape.

Apparently she would have divulged this piece of information to Timi Dakolo and that would have been why he kept ragging at the Coza Pastor on his Instagram Posts.