Beating up an Erring Medical Doctor. Do or Dont

By OMA | 23-01-2020 | Crime |  

Medical Doctors are to offer succour and not add problems


No Bias, No Malice, No Prejudice.

I have a lot of friends and Family in the Medical Profession.

Some of my Most respected school mates from high school are Medical doctors as it stands today.

It wont deter nor sway my opinion.

From My Amiable Sweet Medical Doctor Fatima Baba who was my Classmate and sat a seat just ahead of my seat in FGCKaduna to Lotachi Andy Tizu, to Dr Abula Abdulazeez Mohammed to Dr Abdullahi Koko and a host of others..

Recently there was a case of a patients relative beating up a medical doctor at the Maitama General Hospital Abuja in what allegedly was a case of patient mismanagement that lead to death of the patient.

My opinion without mincing words.

Being a medical doctor is just one of so many professions and certainly not the end of the world.

We all can not be medical doctors.

Just as you studied to be a doctor, others studied to be Engineers, Farmers, Economist, and so many diverse fields of endeavours.

What do we have in our Nigerian Hospitals of today.. share Arrogance.

Medical Doctors believes life starts and ends with them and ascribe to themselves a Godlike status.

Arrogant and Proud and so full of themselves.

1st. You should know that anybody that finds himself in the hospital certainly isnt happy to be there.

Its an essential service.. once you meet anybody in the hospital, please dont add to their problems if you can not solve it.

People that visit hospitals do so because they are ill and need medication, the least any Nurse or Doctor can do is to atleast be as nice and as polite as possible.

These patients are already cranky and are on the edge and most times are helpless as getting frustrated if not getting depressed.

What do we have, Nurses and Doctors most atimes in Nigeria with their arrogance seek to infuriate these already cranky patients and their relatives the more.

So, the patient relative in maitama hospital had done everything possible to save the life of their loved ones, spent so money, so much time and energy, only for a doctors inefficiency or non-challant attitude to have the patient lose his life and you expect the relative not to beat you up.

If it was me, I will beat you blue-black.

In advanced countries, its a crime for a Nurse not to put a smile on her face when attending to a sick patient in the hospital, but what do we have here in Nigeria, Doctors and Nurses carry their family problem to the hospital and frown their faces and pour all their frustrations on already sick patients.

If you dont like your job, then stay at home, coupled with the Oath Doctors swear to.

I will never forget my good friend Francis Amadi and I pray for him everyday. Francis lost his wife to child birth.

Not 1st child, not 2nd child but 3rd.. His wife was lossing blood and a nurse did not transfuse blood to her as at when due, only for her to lose her life and the baby survived.

I was irked and irritated when I saw medical doctors going on strike in Abuja because a vexed patient beat up an erring doctor.

Patients who lost loved ones must be allowed to grief however they know how to even if it means beating the hell out of an erring doctor.

As for me, if any doctor shows me any form of arrogance, walahi talahi I would beat the living day light out of the doctor.

I just want Nigerians to Know it is ok to beat up any Medical doctor that is culpable

Having said that, the Doctors I mentioned here are all my classmates and are so crucial to me and we gone always need them.

Respect to Dr. Fatima Joy Baba. Dr. Abdullahi koko. Dr. Abula and Doctor Lotachi. I dont mean to undermine you all, but when you get to your Union of doctors, please remind them to be gentle and meek and most polite. It cost nothing

Empathy and Sympathy goes a long way.

I hate Arrogant doctors and you can tell there are a lot of them out there...

If any of my friends out there ever has any genuine reason to beat up a medical doctor, pls dont hesitate to give me a call.

I go follow you join body beat the shit out of the Witch-Doctor.

I dont intend to spark off any debates here. Im not writting to the gallery nor for comments or "shares" or "Likes" on facebook.

This is how I feel.

Doctors are to save lives and not to cut short people's life's.