Amotekùn : Regional Police or Police Assistants?

By OMA | 09-01-2020 | Crime |  

All to curb crime and criminality


Amotekùn Governors by now are known to be the Progressive 6 from the 6 South-West States of Nigeria comprising of Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Ondo and Ekiti.

Amotekùn is not State Police. So they made us believe.

Amotekùn is not Regional Police.

Amotekùn does not need National Assembly approval.

Amotekùn is not to tackle Fulani herdsmen but all forms of criminality in the south-west region.

lets face it. Nigerian police force is overwhelmed.

Nigeria is grossly under policed. 

Lets take a look at State Traffic Police.

last time I was in Kano State, the keke riders in Kano are so scared of those KAROTA guys like what da hell.

same applies to Lagos State. Fear of LATSMA is begining of Obeying Traffic rules. 

This is ordinary state traffic police. 

Imagine how much more the State police would achieve in terms of securing the state.

Nigeria is over ripe for state policing and the 6 south west governors has taken a bold and courageous initiative perherbs to drum to the federal government the need for state police and overhauling of the Nations internal security apparatus.

Whatever the case may be, we only hope this Security initiative completely drives away crime and criminality from the South western states of Nigeria in the not too distant future.