Please Help a Brother sustain his Google Adsense contract.

ByOMA |26-01-2018 | Business |  

Show support. Show love.


A little Resolution.

Ok so heres the deal. My Monitisation contract with google is threatened to be suspended 20th febuary if I dont meet up 1000 subscribers to my channel with youtube. Jeeez! That means Theres fire on the mountain.

What this means is that the small small money google is paying me would stop because my subscribers are 470 people short their new policy target.

In essence what im begging for the love of God and loving your neighbour as yourself is for all you guys to please visit my channel and click "Subscribe" and help save a brother.

In return bcos I know you are subscribed there I would seek to bring all you guys only Exclusives.

And when I say #Exclusive. I bet you each and every short video I would place there hence forth would be original to me and I would have them wow you.

Save a brother.

Please click "subscribe" at

Cos im your one true Abidemi.

Thank you as you "Subscribe".