Nigerian Banks and Telcoms Fiasco

23-10-2019 | Business |  

Banks and Telcoms should reach a truce and leave the common man out of their wahala.

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Nigerian Banks and Telcoms fiasco.

The whole thing started out slow and nice. Rumours started to filter in End Users were going to pay for USSD anytime after completing a transaction.

That is, Say you make a Cash Transfer, Banks would cut around #50 plus vat from your money per transaction, then your network provider would charge you per 20 seconds for using their network for the same transaction. Meaning Double Wahala for deadi-body. Of course Final Consumers and the common man are the deadi-body in question.

If you must pay bank, you must pay telcom provider...

After all, what they say is good for the Goose should also be good for the Gender

Banks are already having enough and should share with telcoms, No.

Bank say, we are cutting our share, you too go cut your share.

Telcoms is now saying Banks were the ones that asked them to try it. Banks are denying and threatning Telcoms arm twisting them of trying to derail the Steady progress of Financial Inclusion thus far.

Banks are telling telcoms to sustain Financial Inclusion for free while Banks are smiling to the Bank and cashing in on a deal that cant yeild without telcom.

Telcom is looking at Banks and saying "We are not mumu ooo", we will pull the plugs and Everybody would bare the brunt.

As usual, Banks, Nothing concern them. Banks always gains, they say it is Consumers that will bare the burnt. Banks and their lacadesic "I dont care" attitude.

The Minister for Communications in the mean time has asked the National Communications Commission NCC to direct Telcoms to halt their own 4Naira50Kobo per 20 seconds to accessing USSD.

Banks and Telcoms should please Shelve their swords. When two Elephants fight, its the grass that Suffers.

Banks and Telcoms should please not expose consumers to the cold, its freezing outside already.

This Joke is one taken too far and MUST Halt immediately...

Concerned Citizen.