Jeff Bizos Overtakes Bill Gates as Worlds Richest man Alive.

ByOMA |13-03-2018 | Business |  

112 billion Dollar Net worth.

Jeff Bizos

According to the latest Forbes ranking made available as at February 9th 2018, Bill gates no longer enjoys the luxury of being the Worlds richest man, a position he has held on to 18 times in the last 24 years.

In the latest Forbes ranking of the wealthiest people in the world, Jeff Bizos was confirmed Worlds richest man with a net fortune of 112bn dollar.

Jeff Bizos as founder and chief executive of Amazon has a net worth of 22 billion dollars more than Bill Gates (90billion) who came in second on the ranking as of 9th February 2018..

In its calculations, forbes found Bezos' s fortune, mostly held in Amazon's shares, increased by 39.2bn dollars over the past year, making it the biggest ever one year gain.